W6XM in the 2011 ARRL June VHF QSO Party

Opertators: John and Eric

June 2011


I have updated my address with the FCC.


The cards came from the printer. If you mailed me a card with a SASE, I have mailed it back with a card.


Cards have been shipped from the printer


Log has been submitted to ARRL


The trip and contest went great. At the last moment we invited our friend (but not-a-ham) Brian to go with as we had an extra seat on the plane. He acted as porter, chef, antenna raiser and photographer. He contributed at least as much as Eric and I.

The flight on Channel Islands Air was spectctular. We were on weather hold for a while, but we made it out. The pilot pointed out at least a dozen blue whales off the coast of Santa Cruz Island. A few minutes later he slowed the prop, turned the controls, we floated out of the sky and touched down on the dirt strip in one of the smoothest touchdowns I've ever experienced.

We operated from a hill that forms the northern half of the valley that the campground is in. For six meters we had a five element yagi at 15' at more or less a 60deg beam heading. The two meter antenna was also at 15' on it's own mast with the 432 bouncing between the two as we tried to figure out what to do with it.

I've already received one qsl card and I am working on the design for ours using pictures that Brian took during the weekend we were on Santa Rosa. We made sure to get a shot of the gps displaying CM93xx as we had a few incredulous callers that doubted that we could be in that grid.

We had fun, had a great contest and everyone came home safe. Now that we know more about what it takes to do a DXpedition, even a mini, we are thinking of ways to improve.

Bands   QSOs    Value   QSOPts  Mults
50      90      1       90      51
144     35      1       35      11
432     8       2       16      6

Grids activated: 1
Totals:	133           141     68

Claimed Score: 9588
Band	Power	Mode			Gear 						Antenna
6m	160w	ssb			Yaesu 857d #1/TE Systems amp			5el yagi
2m	200w	ssb			Yaesu 857d #2/TE Systems amp			11el yagi
70cm	20w	ssb		  	Yaesu 857d #1					15el yagi
Eric (KR0VER) and John (W6XM)

moments after we touched down

GPS showing CM93xx

Op Site

CM93xx inside the rectangle


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